Building Your Child's Leadership and Life Skills Through Golf

A Unique Fun and Exciting Golf and Life Learning Environment For Children Aged 6-17 Years of Age

Did You Know?

70% Of Children Quit All Sport By The Time They Are 13 Years Old!

Dear Parent,

Here's the problem you face: Most junior programs at golf academies are boring for kids. 

Which means they quickly lose interest in learning golf because it's simply not fun.

Luckily for you, there's now Jakarta Junior Golf Academy. Offering two very unique programs for beginners and advanced junior golfers.

With a focus on fun, circuit training and our 9 core positive values for a happy and well rounded child.

Our 9 Core Positive Values

For Your Child to Excel at Golf, School, Home and Life

Through our after-school programs we are helping shape the lives of children through golf with its time honoured values and integrity.

​Below are our 9 Core Positive Values connected to golf that will also benefit your child at school and with you at home.

Positive Value - Respect

For themselves, other people and the game

Positive Value - Responsibility

For their equipment and the golf course

Positive Value - Character

They have to be they're own referee

Positive Value - Acceptance

Making and learning from their mistakes

Positive Value - Focus

The mental steps to getting good outcomes

Positive Value - Discipline

Respecting the rules and etiquette of the game

Positive Value - Humility

How lucky they are to play such a great game

Positive Value - Courage

Having a never give up attitude 

Positive Value - Excellence

Performing tasks with a champion mindset

"Playing golf helps children develop their social, communication and problem solving skills to benefit them for the rest of their lives!"

One Academy

Two Unique Programs

For Children From Beginner to Advanced Level

Discovery circuit training games


An introduction to golf program for boys and girls aged 6-13 

Making new friends


An advanced golf program for boys and girls aged 11-17